Link IU and Eunhyuk’s scandal is bringing Goo Hara’s past ‘pension scandal’ back to light, and I did a few Google searches on it and didn’t find anything so I thought I’d post it up. Granted, it’s all CIA work done by netizens so you have to start reading with the anticipation that it’s going to be extremely petty and stupid, but it is a huge part of what makes up Goo Hara’s image and explains the best replies most of her articles lately are getting. Basically, you mention pension and Koreans will assume sex was involved. The scandal starts with when Goo Hara was 17 years old [a minor], she updated her mini-homepage with a picture of her kissing her then boyfriend. For their anniversary and her birthday, she uploaded a series of photos of what looks like a stay at a pension together. Netizens somehow found that there are 17 candles on her cake, meaning that their pension stay was sometime in winter. Once netizens took screencaps of her old mini-homepage and started spreading them around, Hara’s agency denied that it was her in the pictures but netizens were able to find pictures of Hara wearing the same hat and jacket as the ‘girl in the pension photos’. Once those were found, Hara’s friends started writing on community boards saying that Hara had actually gone to the pension with a group of friends, not just with her boyfriend.

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About five years ago my younger brother was a garbage man. After all, where’s the fun in shooting Zombies from thirty feet away. How important are relationships and love, do you think, for this community. One can also imagine that Mrs. Don t use your relationship as a scapegoat for personal issues life stress. IU to be with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

Nov 09,  · A photo of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajama’s is currently going around. The photo was posted onto her (IU) Twitter, (most likely accidentally) and then taken down within 2 minutes. The photo shows Eunhyuk clearly, but only shows a part of IU’s face.

Formation With the disbandment of H. Entertainment had to search for another boy band to compete against other popular idol groups in the growing K-pop market. In early , Lee eventually selected five teenage boys from four different S. Xiah Junsu, the first to join the new group, became an S. Kangta, Battle of the Century, a series that starred former H. U-Know Yunho, who signed with S. Entertainment in , was a member of several failed project groups throughout his years as a trainee.

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For a scandal that was launched by the still-photo equivalent of a sex tape, the IU—Eunhyuk Twitter scandal has been progressing in a disappointingly benign direction. LOEN Entertainment released a statement shortly after the scandal claiming that the photo was taken when Eunhyuk visited IU while she was sick sometime last summer.

And the public hath spoken: Two unmarried children copulating?!

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It seems as though we are to expect our favorite oppars and unnies to sing and prance along to songs about love, and all shapes and forms of it, while at the same time believe they will never get entangled with the physical matter in real life. And if and when they do, it seems to be cause for serious damage control. For one, dating and partners are pieces of their private life, something real and formative to who they are as people and not necessarily something they want to sell as an image or make vulnerable to outside criticism, much like other work they do for living.

But in K-pop, it seems as though getting into and admitting to a relationship is like biting into forbidden fruit—real dating and romance are kept at the utmost DL, for many of the reasons you would expect and some you may not. Going out for drinks, sleeping out, hitting the clubs, and yes, dating are all normal situations that could be devastating to a celebrity reputation.

And rather than risk it, these idols are sheltered as long as humanly possible. Whole entire productions about dramatic love songs crying over undying love go by and yet more often than not there is no elicit, complex character on the receiving end of the love. Another hot topic that makes fans squeamish is co-ed choreography—some even take it a little too personal when idols grind all up on a member of the opposite gender a little too much.

Now companies comment on benign situations all the time—if two idols are seen even too remotely close to each other without obvious reason, expect an official statement regarding when, how, why, and a kindly worded please gtfo to sasaengs. We see the same kind of micromanagement in the use of dating bans. Idols as old as Dara and Bom both 28 still abide by dating bans or say they do , as do many idols, in order to focus on work, among other things.

The way I see it, dating is a sign of age and growth beyond the pop world, an extremely difficult thing to reel back in once gone. Often times we look harshly upon those who react forcefully to news or rumors or photos or even scripted reality about idols becoming intimate and yet forget that we sometimes do the same when the news involves our favorite ultimate bias lovers.


The four victims to IU’s fox antics 1. IU has succeeded in image making away from it but Eunhyuk is still made fun of on variety shows and constantly mentioned for no reason on IU’s articles. Kim Tae Woo IU said that Kim Tae Woo was her ideal type so he went on a show with her but IU basically put up an invisible wall between them and ignored him the whole time.

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Unfortunately though, frankly it says little that is new either, and provides no evidence for its numerous assertions. No, I never thought to ask Korean friends their feelings about horses either. In early Madam Ema, the most explicit of Korean movies ever made, hit the theaters. Not much can be said about its plot which is, for all practical purposes, absent.

hyuk gums 70, views IU and Super Junior Eunhyuk, dating IU Denies Her Rumors With Eunhyuk of Super Junior As The Pairs Picture Is Leaked Online v vivo en el mismo planeta que mi. ” Standing on a boat out in the sea with the sun beating behind them, the boys mouth the words and exaggeratedly dance along to the song.

Link ke posting ini Okay, first of all. So, After searching on internet. I found some of infos. She is so lovely and cute. Look at her eyes, she has smiling eyes. I took this from yahoo answers. Tiffany was or maybe still ‘is’ hated because she tends to make a lot of mistakes regarding manners back then.

Yes,she’d been in Korea long enough to understand it’s culture. But,people tends to forget the fact that she lost her mom way too young. And mother is always the person that teach you those things. But she did apologize,it’s just that people remember bad things more than good things. So people hate her because she has lack of manners?

Saya pergi dari Jeollanamdo ke gedung hiburan SM berharap untuk melihat Super junior. Saat berjalan-jalan di depan gedung, aku melihat Tiffany berdiri di sana.

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Well, well, well my readers, here we have the yummiest scandal after Seungri’s. All started when IU uploaded “in error” a photo of her and Eunhyuk in her Twitter account. The photo was uploaded a few minutes, but that didn’t mean that IU’s fans didn’t notice it. In my opinion, some IU’s fans were ridiculous, there were messages of them calling her bitch, posting phtotos of broken CDs and posters I mean, if you are really her fan, it is meant that in these kind os situations, even if you don’t like whom if she dating, you have to accept it.

IU to be with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. The shows, which were announced in November , were part of his world tour. I Will never forget about this in my life but i feel much better now, sex dating for men, women and swinging couples in kouvola.

When you’re the nation’s little sister, there’s just that many more crazed fans out there following your every move. IU released a selca that contained herself and Eunyuk not a typo and that lead to hysteria amongst Kpop fans. It enraged 15 year old girls into sending IU death threats. Not to be overshadowed, a fanboy has uploaded a video of himself deleting files and folders that contained pictures and videos of IU.

First off, why does he think he was betrayed by IU? The main culprit is the marketing by LOEN.

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Haters justify him not getting any lines because “he can’t sing” while Jungkook gets majority of lines because he has the most “stable” voice. Let’s say that is true and that Jin is the least talented vocally. There are other groups where the lesser vocalists are popular and actually has a lot of lines. For example in Super Junior the popular members are Heechul, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Hangeng, They get a lot of lines but are not the best singers they are not bad though.

Yesung is considered the best along with Kyuhyun vocalist of SuJu but he gets 2 seconds per song. Hosts even made fun of his lack of lines in Sorry Sorry.

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At CUTE we strive to make this the most awesome place by keeping it hate and bash free – you will be able to love and stan whoever you like without negativity around you. What kind of vibe has this forum given you since the day you registered? This friendly vibe has made me to be able to freely share my opinions about anything K-Pop related.

This forum is also special from other forums I’ve been to. Like K-Pop idols, this forum is very aesthetically pleasing. So far, are you having a good time? I missed this forum REAL badly when I was busy for the whole October but I’m glad to be able to come back here after a month’s inactivity: D I personally think I’d never get a better forum experience from any forum other than Cute as some K-Pop forums have users that aren’t as friendly as the lovely babies found in Cute love 3.

Have you made some new k-pop friends? I’ve made many K-Pop friends in this forum, one of them which i’m closest to is jin I don’t meet as much K-Pop friends at where I live but all my K-Pop friends in this forum is enough for me hug 4.

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