Read This Largest collection of vintage Ferguson tractors and implements to go under the hammer Sorry, we’re having problems with our video player at the moment, but are working to fix it as soon as we can Waiting for Video It is thought to have inspired the four-wheeled drive developments carried out by Harry Ferguson Research Limited. Ferguson, born at Growell, near Dromore, County Down, was the son of a farmer and noted for his role in the development of the modern tractor. He is also famous for becoming the first Irishman to build and fly his own aeroplane and for developing the first four-wheel drive Formula One car. Oliver Godfrey, auctioneer at Cheffins, said: He opened a museum displaying a range of vintage tractors, engines and machinery in Northumberland in Following the closure of the museum in and after retiring from farming in the early s, Mr Moffitt continued to build his collection of Fergusons.

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Paul Niedermeyer — May 18, Note: Burt only sells locally. He is retiring, needs to sell everything in his lot, and is willing to make deals to clear it out. He is located in Eugene, OR.

Denmark’s Ferguson Museum is a privately-owned tractor museum. It was established in the year in Glud south-east of Horsens and traces the history of the Ferguson tractor and the role it played in Danish farming from

That’s a fact Jack. I’d like to have one but the cost is very high lately. I’m into the cub cadets, farmall cubs and the international lowboy cubs. My next tractor will be a Farmall super A. I’m finding out the farmall cub is ok for light work like cultivating and planting. The farmall super A can do the heavier work. Prices on the N series have been coming down lately, lest around these parts. Strongly recommend a slip clutch between PTO and Bushog shaft, as when in gear, the Bushog can keep pushing the tractor.

Have had mine since and rebuilt engine twice wife drove it without oil pressure for one, and worn near out first time. Change to 12V well worth while. Consider an in-line gas filter and spin-off oil filter. Saw one model with a dual range??

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It is a label worn with pride. But I want to be a Grimy Man! The Grimy Man is special.

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So strap on your thinking caps and lets see if we can make some sense of this. New Generation Tractors Serial Number Logic if you can call it that The serial number of any 10 or 20 series New Generation, Waterloo built, tractor represents more than just a serial number. It indicates the , , , , , or series type. It also identifies the chassis type; row crop, standard, high crop, row crop utility, industrial, or other designation.

Last, but not least, the serial number was part of this seemingly complicated sequence. A letter suffix was added to also denote the place of production.

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Originally Posted by Cowabunga The 65 and the early has a steering arm that rises high with a high drag link from the box to the vertical spindle in the front. This was very much improved when the A4 was introduced to the with the very much lower drag link and virtual elimination of the spindle tower in front of the radiator. Yes there was power steering available for the 65 and it was jolly-well needed too! I’m comparing it to the later unassisted steering of the Never seen a 65 with wet brakes.

As far as I know they all had Girling dry disc brakes. Their inadequacy spurred on the development of the excellent Girling wet disc brakes which were introduced some dozen years later on MF with the , but initially I think around in the Ford and The A4 is certainly a nice engine even though it was rough-sounding compared to the A4 The was an odd model in the engine range, being the only one with a short stroke crank.

All the others, the AD3 , the A4 and , has a longer 5 inch stroke if I remember correctly. Cant agree with you about the steering on a being better having driven both, I think the ford system for wet brakes was much the same with less discs To fit wet brakes to a 65 you have to change the complete axle stubs and the diff but not the crownwheel One hell of a tractor once that and the steering was done, had it 40 years now and its still used most days.

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United Kingdom Shipping We are making things easier for you, auction specific shipping information coming soon. For general shipping information from the auctioneer please see below: For Cheffins Vintage and Onsite Auctions delivery information please telephone The Auctioneers require that you enter credit card details which are used for identification purposes. The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any registrant from bidding.

This site is devoted to antique Ferguson tractors, from the mid ‘s Ferguson-Brown and later Ford-Ferguson models (9n and 2n, made beginning in and respectively), the ‘s Coventry and Detroit Ferguson models, to the late ‘s and early ‘s models made by Massey-Harris-Ferguson.

The Club also covers all Ferguson agricultural implements. The Club acts as a forum for information, research and service aspects, both through our Website, our Journal and by direct enquiry. Our quality publication is produced three times a year and is sent free to all members. While we do not trade in spares we do have, for sale to members, specialist Ferguson Supplies, from Club badges and garments to bonnet strips and decals for the TE tractor and back issues of our publications.

Origins The Club was formed in after a letter from Mr Ken Goodwin appeared in the Farmers Weekly suggesting that anyone interested in matters Ferguson contact him. Harry Ferguson was born in the tiny village of Growell, which is about 16 miles south of Belfast, in His parents, James and Mary Ferguson owned a farm of just over acres. He soon showed a gift for all things mechanical and eventually branched out on his own.

During the 1 st World War, Harry came across the tractors of the time. These were heavy cumbersome beasts, which towed the plough behind them with a chain. He decided there must be a better way and set upon the almost lifelong task of designing a system where the tractor and plough became an integral unit. Harry and his team eventually produced the Ferguson System of 3-point hydraulic linkage, which soon became the standard in the industry and is still used on almost all tractors today.

The Club is actively supported by the Ferguson family.

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India is often known as the land of agriculture. But what is the real picture? Here, the role of farmers is quite critical. And who would remain motivated if any of their physically tiring tasks does not yield results regularly? It is here that technological advancement has helped to provide agricultural equipment like tractors that save certain efforts for the farmers.

Apr 25,  · A tractor assembly plant could purchase that same casting from different foundry production plants and each has their own way of configuring a part numberm by date of pour, by type of metal, by heat treat etc.

Old Ford Tractor Model Identification and Changes ‘ ’64 On this page we have listed the various models of Ford tractors produced between and We will show unique features and list serial numbers and other identifying marks. We will attempt to list some, but certainly not all, of the noticeable changes made to each of the models throughout the years. By documenting these changes and features it will hopefully aid in correctly identifying the tractors and be a help to restorers who want their tractors to be “as original”.

Model 9N – The Ford model 9N tractor was introduced in mid-year as a joint venture after a handshake agreement between Henry Ford and Harry Ferguson. Commonly known as the Ford – Ferguson tractor, Harry Ferguson designed the 3 point hitch and hydraulic system while Ford’s engineers designed and built the tractor and made it all work together. The 9 was for the year, , and N was Ford’s designation for tractor. Serial numbers on the 9N-2N and 8N tractors are located on the left side of the engine block, just below the head and behind the oil filter.

Try different angles and light sources to make the number visible. There will always be either a star or a diamond at the beginning and at the end of the serial number. You will only see the diamonds on 8N tractors with a serial number after 8N All earlier 9N-2N-8N models have the stars.

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An offset steering wheel was typical of early David Brown tractors. This Ferguson Brown really is a tiny little tractor. With a fast top speed and huge towing capabilities, these fantastic looking machines, like so many other military vehicles, were built to last. A David Brown Cropmaster dating to the late s. This model, in lovely original condition, belongs to Gwynfor Parry, North Wales. As a true David Brown fan, Aled had to have the early relative of the David Brown, so he bought this Ferguson Brown, as it was where it all began.

John Deere Restorations, Service, Parts, and Operators manuals. Identify the year of a John Deere Model B without a serial number.

History[ edit ] Three-point linkage on a TE20 The model name came from Tractor, England 20 horsepower [1] not the true power delivered but from a formula based on engine size. The TE range of Ferguson tractors was introduced in England in , [2] following 30 years of continuous development of ‘The Ferguson System’ from The first work was to design a plough and linkage to integrate the tractor with its work in a manner that was an engineering whole.

The automatic control system is now employed by almost all tractor manufacturers worldwide. A British patent was applied for by Harry Ferguson in and granted the following year. By the early s the linkage design was finalised and is now adopted as international standard category I. Just one prototype Ferguson System tractor, known as the Ferguson Black, was built to further technical development and for demonstrating to potential manufacturers. During the first production Ferguson tractors were built in Huddersfield , Yorkshire, by the David Brown Company.

This tractor, the Ferguson Model ‘A’, incorporated Harry Ferguson’s ‘suction side’ hydraulic control system, the key to solving sensitive automatic control of three point mounted implements and patented on 5 February patent no The combination of Ferguson’s converging three point hitch, patented on 3 July patent no with his ‘suction side control’ valve is the key to the success of all subsequent Ferguson and later Massey Ferguson ‘Ferguson System’ tractors, the most important of which are the TE and TO 20 models.

It was the production of the Model ‘A’ that led in to the David Brown line of tractors. An English Ford-Ferguson in Suffolk Ford 9N Ferguson tractor at an orange orchard at Palinyewah, New South Wales , Australia During the war years the Ferguson design team developed many improvements to both tractor and implements and started to make arrangements to manufacture in the United Kingdom.

The agreement with Ford in was to include production at the Ford plant at Dagenham , Essex, but the UK Ford company would not do it.

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Ferguson tractor excellent work horse great runner starts first time every time. Comes with 2 mtr roller,metal carrier box, and topper and log book. Only used for cutting bracken and only being sold to fund new kitchen.

Martin Pope By Robin Page 3: But now he is selling his unique collection of Ferguson tractors and a selection of implements, all designed by the Northern Irish genius Harry Ferguson, the maker of the greatest ever British tractor. For the uninitiated, the original Ferguson is instantly recognisable: The first one was produced in and many are still going today.

At 79 he is reluctantly letting them go. Five weeks ago he sold his collection of mixed vintage tractors; on November 14 his Ferguson collection goes under the hammer at Roudham in Norfolk. The fact that Paul has collected more than 80 Ferguson tractors and about assorted Ferguson implements and machines is in itself remarkable. He was born the son of a thatcher in a Suffolk cottage with no electricity, no running water, an outside loo and squares of newspaper for lavatory paper.

My childhood was far more privileged: It grieves him to dispose of his great Ferguson collection, but with time marching on and none of his family keen to take it over he has reluctantly decided to sell it, safe in the knowledge that everything will be snapped up by enthusiasts. Robin Page Paul left school at 15 and after a year at the Norfolk School of Agriculture started thatching with his father.

But he wanted to farm and quickly realised that he would never earn enough money from thatching to buy a farm of his own.

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