This blog contains Torah, inspiration, and interesting, thought-provoking, or funny content. Wednesday, November 19, Reva Seth: Relationship Advice From the Wisdom of Arranged Marriages I was surprised to see a story about a secular author who has basically found her husband by shidduch dating. People are shocked to hear that she got engaged after only seven dates. Now in our communities, that is not unusual at all, but in the secular world, this is a real breakthrough. In this week’s Parsha, Chayei Sorah, Breishis Seth’s book says, “[f]irst comes marriage. Even those of us who got married through Shidduchim often focus on the problems in the system.

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The shidduch crisis is purely a Litvishe problem and it is most acute in North America. The crisis is defined by many more girls graduating the Bais Yaakovs in North America every single year than an availble supply of boys in the parashah of shidduchim. Clearly a critical component of the solution — and one that has been advocated by Gedolei Eretz Yisrael and tens of Roshei Yeshivos in North America — is to empower bachurim to start shidduchim slightly earlier, so that there will be the same number of boys and girls trying to get married.

Learning here until age 21, then going to Eretz Yisrael for one year or even longer, then coming back to the U. The crisis can be solved when bachurim start the shidduch parashah at a slightly younger age. The following are some points that have been raised, and are worth addressing:

Feb 24,  · A comprehensive analysis of some of the worst things you could say on a shidduch date Things Not To Say On A Shidduch Date YouTube; Evolution of Jewish Dating – .

I went out with a boy I really liked, and I wanted my mother to call the shadchan right away to say that I wanted to go out again. That way, she would be better prepared to urge him to give it another chance. I also wanted to hurry things along, because the shadchan sometimes takes a long time to call back. More recently, I had another etiquette predicament. This time, I had a terrible time on the date. I was sure I did not want to meet this boy again but unsure of what to say as he walked me to my door.

I did not want to gush about what a good time I had. What is a polite, non-hurtful way to part? Your question concerns more than just the two dilemmas you ask about, and I thank you for the opportunity to talk about this topic. There are social norms we all live by, but some of this so-called etiquette is rooted in shtus, silliness, and has no basis in either halacha or hashkafa.

I hate when shadchanim procrastinate and take their time getting back to people.

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Times have changed, and that is a good thing—especially the fading-away of cruel taboos that once stigmatized women who engaged in premarital sex or bore children out of wedlock. Thing is, times change for a reason. The values question assumes that sexual mores loosen naturally from conservative to liberal.

In reality, these values have ebbed and flowed throughout history, often in conjunction with prevailing sex ratios. But the problem is a demographic one. Multiple studies show that college-educated Americans are increasingly reluctant to marry those lacking a college degree.

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Birger notes that most college grads prefer to pair up with other degree-holders and per statistics, college educated women outnumber college educated men in both the and year old age categories. Education aside, women still outnumber men. And if you arrive at 40 unmarried, the stats just get worse. Shidduch is the traditional matchmaking approach to marriage employed by the Orthodox. In a nutshell, the gender imbalance seems to effect even the most ardent of religious adherents.

Birger does a great job at shifting the sort of blame game to probability and statistics. We’ve heard do much how Swipe and Hook Up has created this major paradigm change, sort of like when you grab a ticket at the bakery. As Birger explains, the reluctance to change relationship status in favor of casual hookups is in part due to the numbers game.

In some demographics, there are 2 to 3 women for every guy.

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This can actually damage more than help. A commonality amongst this group is that they are open to secular activities such as bars, clubs, and movies. Yeshivish Modern These tend to be individuals who identify more strongly with the Yeshivish-black-hat community, but feel that working in society is an essential part of their Judaism.

Jul 20,  · I am looking for advice on checking references. I don’t believe that many of the questions here would necessarily be answered honestly. They are very black and white and I would imagine any reference would answer the way they feel would make the candidate look good.

But I was still Goldy Krantz, the year-old woman who had been in the shidduch parashah for more than a decade. So I turned my true dating experiences into a book, which I hoped would get everyone in the shidduch parashah to laugh instead of moping about the situation they were in. Thankfully, many did laugh after purchasing my book, Best of My Worst which is no longer for sale.

Many e-mailed me and came out to speaking engagements where I was the guest speaker. I still have very close friends and cousins in the shidduch parashah. One of the important tafkids I have now is trying to match them up with appropriate shidduchim—not just pairing up a male and a female, because I remember how that feels. I threw away my list of prerequisites.

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Tuesday, November 23, Convert Confessions: Young women are turning 22 without finding a suitable husband! I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf known as the shidduch crisis. For the uninitiated, what’s a shidduch crisis? The world became bigger, and now people are moving to new cities and being able to date outside their neighborhood.

The shidduch site’s dating tips and page is dedicated to various collected things, learned through the experiences of site participants and #2 be positive tip #3 be proactive tip #4 be prepared tip #6 be a slowly climbed shidduch dating game the narrow winding stairs that led up to Saint Germain said.

Today we are all shadchans in one way or another as soon as we introduce one friend to another. A Shadchan today is a very different person from the days of old. You have to trust Hashem! It makes sense that if you are getting married for the right reasons, Hashem will not let you marry the wrong person. So what are the right reasons?

I want to grow to my full potential by learning to give to another person. I want to build a bayis neeman be yisroel — a beautiful Jewish home. I want to bring holy Jewish neshamas into the world and raise them to serve Hashem… …Get the picture? The wrong reasons would go something like this: We look really good together. Everyone else seems to be doing it. No one wants to marry the wrong person. So before you start dating, take a few minutes to work on your motivation.

When you find that you are ready to make a commitment to grow through giving, then you can proceed with confidence that Hashem will send you the right person, in the right time and the clarity you need to recognise each other.

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Tweet Our daughter Rena is 22 years old. She has not expressed to us the least bit of interest in dating. In fact, she has explicitly told us that she does not want to start dating yet. She seems to be perfectly happy right now. They take trips together. Often go out to dinner together.

Jan 29,  · Sexually active folks who shidduch date. If i could ask you and all your readers for advice. For someone entering shiduch dating what would you recomend to look for as tell tale signs that the girl is not sincere and is sexually active. I think its important to know and could potentially save somebody from alot of pain and.

The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel nor its partners assume any responsibility for them. Please contact us in case of abuse. In case of abuse, Report this post. Upon reading the recent article by Yitta Halberstam that has caused such backlash, I became intrigued by this odd problem, and entirely mystified by Mrs.

The problem, as she tells it, is the fact that, in the shidduch world, the men have all the power, and more or less have their pick of women. The women, on the other hand, have no power at all. They wait by the phone for their call to come. Setting aside the danger of this advice on individual women, and the detrimental effect it would have on the Orthodox world as a whole, it is a terrible solution because it misses the point entirely.

True, a bigger woman losing weight would increase her likelihood and ease of finding a husband. There is a fixed number of orthodox men that are dating, and makeup and plastic surgery will do nothing to change that.

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The Art of The No Recently I felt like googling “How to say no to a shadchan so that she’ll leave me alone without burning bridges. I don’t feel like I should have to explain to each person exactly why something is not for me or what is going on in my life at the moment to make me say no. Do I need to elaborate when I tell someone, “There’s a lot going on right now so I’m not sure I’ll be able to give you an answer in your proposed 48 hours”?

Do I really need to go into detail when I say we heard some things that make us think that he’s not matiim for us? It’s not about why not , right?

# all the dating advice, of august 28, comments are naruto dating sim answers to questions writer go read some books by women, try out some new social activities, go to a real therapist, and be captain awkward, so i m a guy, 20 years old and totally devoid of any form of romantic relationship.

Invitation Only Shabbaton took place in Crown Heights to unite Chapter leaders and shadchanim and strengthen their resolve to work together to enable our singles to get to the chuppah, incorporating the directives of the Rebbe. Together, they learned, farbrenged, and networked, inspired by guest speakers, hosts and hostesses. Friendships were renewed and strengthened, infusing all with a feeling of empowerment as we strive to help one another, friends and neighbors to make shidduchim.

The weekend kicked-off with a royal catered Shabbos dinner at the home of Choula and Leibish Nash. Rabbi Nash gave a dvar Torah, and regaled us with a story of the legendary shadchan Shimshon Stock who made many matches in Crown Heights a few decades ago. Sara Tova Best spoke about the power of Hakhel Year. Rebbetzin Toby Leider, of Melbourne, led our whole group in giving brachos to one another enthusiastically—for refuahs and yeshuas and for shidduchim for the singles in our lives.

Tears were flowing as hearts opened in shared requests. It was a magical experience that surely will be remembered by all who were there.

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I have kein eien hora another 3 this week. But last night’s wedding was an interesting phenomenon for me being that I’m from out of town. It was a “hardcore” Flatbush wedding. You know the kind where you’ve been friends with the choson for like 5 years in yeshiva so you don’t know any of his in town friends.

And if I’m a religious girl who’s shidduch dating, and I know I like it, how on earth??? could I figure out if the guy I’m dating would be okay with it? And honestly, should it matter if he is? It should matter, because sexual satisfaction in a marriage is important, but it shouldn’t matter that much.

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